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First Science Experiments (Set)
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First Science Experiments (Set)

Format d'origine:Hardcover 32 des pages.
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Does water have skin? Why do marshmallows expand in the microwave? Young scientists will learn the answers to these questions and more through hands-on experiments that are both fun and educational. Readers will be captivated as they see magnetism, forces and motion, materials and reactions, energy, and more come to life right at their fingertips. With experiments designed to complement STEM learning, readers will be encouraged to draw connections between concepts they explore in the classroom and the science they discover in everyday life. Step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations make each experiment easy to follow and enjoy.

Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments. Kenneth L. Williamson. ... laboratory, this manual derives many experiments and procedures from the classic ... and microscale options for most experiments allows instructors to save on the purchase ... Edition of the manual includes new experiments that stress greener chemistry, revised ...

Making Science: Between Nature and Society. Stephen Cole. ... socially constructed in the laboratory. Making Science is the first serious critique by a ... Cole argues that there exists no set of rules that enables scientists to ... content of the core of science is constrained by nature. In Making Science, Cole shows how ...

Talking Bones: The Science of Forensic Anthropology. Peggy Thomas. This exciting young adult set brings the latest scientific ... , and pioneers-- A description of a particular science or technology, introducing its basic concepts ... -- A discussion of the future of the science or technology, including both the advantages ...

Fred Hoyle's Universe: Proceedings of a Conference Celebrating Fred Hoyle's Extraordinary Contributions to Science 25-26 June 2002 Cardiff University, United Kingdom. Editor: Chandra Wickramasinghe. ... the most cherished of Holy Grails in science he unwittingly offended many. But once ... these figures of history. Hoyle perceived science with an indomitable passion and an obsessive ... , his powerful intellect and imagination set him apart from most of his ...

Ideas in Chemistry: A History of the Science. David M. Knight. ... as the experimental science par excellence, as a useful science, a deductive science, a classifying science, a service science, and so on. This ...

Common Science?: Women, Science, and Knowledge. Jean Barr, Lynda Birke. ... knowledge may well lie in how science itself is taught. While academic feminist ... critiques of science and science education are important, the ... academics think and feel about science. Here is a starting point for developing ...

Science and Earth History: The Evolution/Creation Controversy. Arthur N. Strahler. ... evaluated against the findings of mainstream science in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, ... to recent attacks on evolutionary theory, Science and Earth History can ... philosophy, methodology, and sociology of empirical science, as contrasted with the belief ...

The No-Nonsense Guide to Science. Jerome Ravetz. ... and assumptions.This No-Nonsense Guide to Science introduces a new way of thinking about ... science, moving away from ideas of perfect ... citizens’ participation in the policies involving science. No-Nonsense Guides

Dark Ages: The Case for a Science of Human Behavior. Lee McIntyre. ... social sciences--stand in the way of a science of human behavior just as clerics attempted ... the 1600s.A scientific approach to social science would test hypotheses against ... that what we need most to establish a science of human behavior is the scientific ...

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