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Scientific American Presents Nobel Prize Winners: Physics
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Scientific American Presents Nobel Prize Winners: Physics

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The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God. Carl Sagan Editor: Ann Druyan. ... , brilliant astrophysicist and Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Sagan\'s prescient ... Lectures in Natural Theology," The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the ... with examples from cosmology, physics, philosophy, literature, psychology, cultural ...

Longing for the Harmonies: Themes and Variations from Modern Physics. Frank Wilczek, Betsy Devine. ... , Frank Wilczek (winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics) and science writer Betsy Devine ...

The Physics Of Christianity. Frank J. Tipler. ... embarked on just such a scientific inquiry. The Physics of Christianity presents the ... law. His discussion of the scientific possibility of miracles provides an ... impressive, credible scientific foundation for many of Christianity’s ...

Barbara McClintock: Nobel Prize Geneticist. Edith Hope Fine. Describes the lives and achievements of influential 20th-century American personalities.-- Appealing biographies of famous men and women written for teens.

Creation and Time: A Biblical and Scientific Perspective on the Creation-Date Controversy. Hugh Ross. ... million of devout Christian who respect scientific finding are deeply and ... Scripture."Dr. Ross graciously examines the scientific merits of a young-earth creation and ... Institution of Washington, recipient of the Crafoord Prize"Creation and Time is the best ...

From Microphysics to Macrophysics: Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics. Volume II. Roger Balian. ... to the needs of such an audience. Statistical physics, in the broadest meaning of the term ... disci plines, is an essential element of modern scientific culture."

Langston Hughes: American Poet. Alice Walker Illustrations: Catherine Deeter. ... influenced many other writers.Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker was ... by artist Catherine Deeter, Langston Hughes: American Poet will introduce a whole new ... life and works of a great African American Poet of the twentieth century, and ...

Introduction to Solid State Physics. Charles Kittel. ... years ago, Introduction to Solid State Physics has been the standard solidstate ... physics text for physics students. The author\'s goal ... emphasis in the bookhas always been on physics rather than formal mathematics. Witheach ...

Quantum Physics. Michel Le Bellac. ... subnuclear particles and light. In Quantum Physics, Le Bellac provides a thoroughly modern ... teaches the fundamentals of quantum physics using an orig approach which relies ... for a modern course on quantum physics, written for advanced undergraduate and ...

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