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Pearly Gates Inquiry
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Pearly Gates Inquiry

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Why is the reality of an afterlife final judgment so easily accepted by followers of organized religion? Do these same followers think to question the dearth of scriptural information about what a purported heavenly existence might actually entail? How is it so many fervent believers accept without question the possibility of being subjected to a hellish punishment as set forth in their doctrinal foundations? Pearly Gates Inquiry proves beyond a shadow of a doubt a final judgment is no more likely than an infant being fluent in several languages at birth. It simply can\'t and will never happen. Also, what might occur in any heavenly life is basically unknown with countless critical questions left unanswered. Finally, the concept of hell is a ridiculous notion unworthy of any serious consideration. The author uses his training as an investigator with 27 years as an FBI Special Agent in investigating and confronting these basic building blocks of organized religion.

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